Founder & Director - Cristy Davey






2017 - TODAY

Browsing on the PetRescue website in 2013, I came across the profile of a gorgeous, big, ginger cat and decided to visit him at his foster home in Bunbury. Heading out that morning, I had no idea I'd returning home with a cat – but of course, that’s exactly what happened! From that day Rusty has been family to me, and I feel so lucky to have found him.
Having a job that required frequent travel, I suddenly needed a pet-friendly house sitter to look after Rusty on a regular basis. However, finding the right person was surprisingly difficult and, not wanting to impose on friends and family, the only option left was to put my baby in a cattery. Eventually I did find a house sitter I could trust to look after Rusty, but the experience left me thinking, “This shouldn’t be so hard.”
For me, establishing Borders Pet Sitting Co. was about offering a service that I felt was missing in the Perth community.

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Our mission is simple. To provide the best in-home pet care* from trained and educated pet loving individuals.

It’s about supporting local and providing a quality, professional and personalised service. I want Borders to be an innovator and lead positive change in the pet industry and offering that to pet parents in our community. It shouldn’t matter which sitter cares for your pets, you should receive the exact same level of service and care.


Did you now that there is currently no requirements for minimum education, training or experience for an individual to call themselves a pet sitter?

As the founder and Director of Borders (as well as a seasoned house sitter myself) becoming an industry leader in providing in-home pet care is how I see Borders achieving our mission. Through the creation and implementation of:

  • Tailored training programmes designed for sitters

  • Ongoing education

  • Establishing minimum mandatory requirements

  • Continuity through infrastructure and systems


Everyday brings new idea’s, new information and positive change to better care for your pets and we intend to use it.

We’re on the hunt for house and pet sitt


Three years on Borders has become so much more. I’ve met so many like minded pet parents who rely on what I do to make their family holidays stress free.


Did you know that there is no industry standard or requirement to have any sort of formal training or minimum education in animal care to be a pet sitter? A lot of sitters don’t even have a police clearance.

Having completed Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services in 2018 and commencing study of Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing I’ve made it my mission to ensure Borders pet sitters have the support of an educated manager (me) and to ensure that each pet sitter has a minimum set of skills/knowledge through a training program I’ve developed with my formal education, personal experiences as a pet sitter and a business owner.

With this I am confident that they can meet the needs of our fur clients.

It’s time for every pet parent to expect not only the best care for their pets but demand it.